Get break-out IT performance that supports your brand, business and fan base 24/7

Live performance – or live streaming, our appetite for entertainment is huge. As mobile connectivity soars, the line between entertainment and digital media keeps blurring. But whether you’re a touring or production company, venue or talent manager – or a sports app or gaming developer, building your frontline brand or image should be your first priority, not building your IT resources. And yet the two are inextricably linked! It takes secure, scalable backbone IT – supported by broadly skilled staff – to support and sustain your business, especially in high-growth, high-disruption industries like yours.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

Happily, that’s where we hop in. At Leapfrog, we deliver the deep expertise and stable, reliable IT performance you need at more controlled and predictable costs. What you get is effortless IT and true peace of mind, not outsized investments in IT assets or staff.

Partnering with your IT department, or as your single source IT supplier, we’ll automate and optimize every part of your IT ecosystem. With our frogs proactively managing and securing your networks, infrastructure and application environments, you’re free to focus on more essential targets – new creative output and productions, custom development, social connections with fans, or other key logistics. And with our super-responsive IT Support Center backing you 24/7 your entire team stays productive and on point.

As a 17-year veteran-pioneer of Managed IT Services, You can count on Leapfrog to –

  • Manage your IT for maximum uptime
    You get high availability, reliability, security and privacy for all your data, networks, apps and endpoints. We constantly monitor all your systems so your business operations, social media channels, suppliers, and fans stay supported and connected.
  • Consolidate your IT services into more efficient and scalable platforms —including private or hybrid clouds — that can help standardize processes, improve business intelligence, heighten mobility, and provide near-instant scalability on demand.
  • Create a robust IT framework for developing and managing complex applications without IT bottlenecks or major integration issues.
  • Fortify your network security, data storage, and back-up protocols. Our firewalls, anti-intrusion systems, end-to-end data encryption, and smart user controls reduce your exposure to external breaches and internal theft so corporate, talent, and consumer data is protected.
  • Offer a full range of disaster recovery solutions to minimize downtime and get critical operations back online fast in the event of a worst-case scenario.
  • Streamline compliance and audit requirements, helping you clear the most rigorous financial reporting and consumer privacy/PCI standards with ease, even at multiple locations. (We’re an SSAE-16, SOC-2 provider.)
  • Automate routine IT tasks so you can focus on key growth initiatives and custom solutions that elevate your content or brand with key clients/distributors, consumers and investors.
  • Offer IT expertise on demand. We can manage vendors for you, or provide Leapfrog IT experts from across the tech spectrum, including solutions architects and engineers who do major integrations, upgrades and new tech deployments all day long.
  • Deliver super-responsive service and end-user support:
    – Proactive and reactive support 24/7/365
    – 95% live call answer rate in under 60 seconds
    – Detailed reporting and analytics
    – Field support services as needed
    – Proven service delivery across multi-office and highly mobile environments
    – Rigorous compliance, archiving and audit support
    – Enterprise mobile security platforms and MDM support

With Leapfrog, you get peak IT performance that supports your brand both on and off stage – via live connections and background business support – for true peace of mind.