6 Top Location-based Reminder Apps (Including Alexa) — Say Goodbye to Forgetting!

UPDATED: Put your GPS to work for your … memory! Sure, your GPS gets you where you’re going and finds the closest Starbucks, but did you know it can remind you to pick up the dry cleaning?

Apps that offer location-based reminders send an alert when you get to (or leave) a specific place. Some apps let you schedule reminders for a certain time after you arrive (or leave) or even delegate alerts to someone else — even better! Here are six popular apps to try:

All of the apps basically work the same way. You write yourself a reminder, then choose to be reminded at a certain location instead of a certain time. You’ll be asked to enter the address that will trigger the reminder or, on some apps, just enter the name of the place and a list of options will appear — the address field functions as a search bar. Some apps also let you choose a contact from your phone as the location.

For the app to work properly, make sure your GPS (location services) notifications and alerts are all turned on!

1. Alexa (Android and iOS, syncs with web app, free)

“Alexa, set a reminder to pick up dry cleaning at Mac’s Dry Cleaners.” What could be easier? The next time you’re near Mac’s, Alexa will remind you. Even if you don’t have an Amazon Echo device, you can still use the Alexa app on your phone to set location reminders if you have an Amazon account. Alexa allows you to adjust the reminder location radius to as close as 500 feet, which is handy if you’re walking.

2. Apple Reminders (iOS, syncs with web app, free)

The Reminders app comes pre-installed on your iOS device. You can adjust the location radius but distances are measured in feet only so it’s good to know there are 5,280 feet in a mile. You can also share a complete Reminders list with your family or anyone who has an iCloud account, which comes in handy when sharing to-do lists or delegating tasks to other people. Do you want to set a reminder hands-free? Just tell Siri.

3. Google Keep (Android and iOS, syncs with web app, free)

Google Keep is a simple note-taking app with a dashboard appearance and location-based option for each note. Just tap the “Remind me” link, then choose “Pick place” and enter an address or name to search. While there’s no radius feature and Keep can only remind you when you’re arriving at a location, not leaving, sharing is super easy. You can share notes and their location-based reminders with anyone who has a Google Gmail account by adding them as a collaborator or with anyone by using a different app.

4. Any.do Premium (Android and iOS, syncs with web app, starts at $2.99/month for Premium)

Any.do is a popular app that’s more of a life-planning app than the free apps above. It requires a premium (pay) subscription to get location-based reminders, but Premium also includes sharing and the ability to upload an unlimited number of videos, PDFs, and audio recordings. Those can come in handy when you want to include extra details with the reminders.

5. Todoist Premium (Android, iOS, syncs with web app, $3/month for Premium and $5/month for Business)

Todoist is a robust productivity app with location-based reminders included in the Premium version. You can set reminders for both arriving or leaving a location and share reminders with collaborators. Todoist for Business takes the app to the project-management level — managing project tasks with location-based reminders is included.

6. Checkmark 2 (iOS, $4.99)

Checkmark 2 is a robust productivity app that lets you do some pre-planning to make setting reminders even easier. Add your favorite places in advance to set reminders with just a few taps. It also has a timer feature so you can set reminders for a specific time after arriving or leaving a place, such as a reminder to do the laundry 15 minutes after getting home. Do you want to see all of your reminders sorted by location to plan your most efficient route? You’re covered.

Whichever app you choose, people like location-based reminders because they can save time, energy, frustration and maybe even an argument or two.

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