Should You Replace IT Hardware or Just Get Rid of It?

(UPDATED) April 2019: All IT hardware has an expiration date. So when your organization owns computers, servers, switches and any other tangible piece of IT equipment, the conventional wisdom has been to replace it as it reaches the end of its life — of course! But now that software has been eating the world, conventional …

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How the Cryptocurrency Craze Can Impact Your IT Network

March 2018: Did you know there are now 1,519 different cryptocurrencies in use (Bitcoin was the first) and that proliferation can negatively impact your IT network? For cryptocurrencies to work, they need computing power. Cryptography is the foundation of cryptocurrencies (hence the “crypto”) and it involves complex mathematical equations that are solved by using computing …

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Why the Internet of Things (IoT) Makes Owning IT More Expensive

The days of paying for an internet-connected device only once — when you first buy it — are disappearing. To receive the firmware and security updates a device needs to function as designed, you’ll soon need to pay extra if you aren’t already. Manufacturers are now passing along the costs of developing and distributing updates …

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