7 spiffy Office shortcuts you may not know about

Sometimes saving time is as easy as learning a new keystroke. Do you know these time savers?

1) Faster addresses in Internet Explorer: Skip the details for .com addresses. Just type the page name in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER. For example, type “google” then CTRL + ENTER to get to http://www.google.com

2) Search for a file or folder: Press F3. Or to open the Search Box in Windows 7, press the Windows logo key to open the Start Menu.

3) Create a shortcut to your favorite file or folder that stays on your desktop: Right-click the file or folder. Windows 7: On the shortcut menu, click Send to, and then click Desktop (Create shortcut). Windows Vista: On the shortcut menu, click Create Shortcut. Drag the new shortcut to your desktop.

4) Preview what you’re about to print: Press ALT+CTRL+I for the integrated Print and Preview window. In Windows 7, you can press CTRL+P.

5) Check spelling: Press F7.

6) Display a website in full screen mode: Press F11. Press again to exit.

7) Refresh the current Web page in Internet Explorer: Press F5 or CTRL+R.