7 Things Every Business Needs To Think About in 2014

December 2013: If you’re a CEO, CFO, CTO, nonprofit director, part of IT leadership or just want to leverage your technology to grow your business, you’re in luck! Each month we publish concise, useful advice about top IT issues.

Here’s a bullet-point sampling. Are there IT areas you need to know more about so you can leap into a most prosperous 2014? Find out here!

1. High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: What’s the Difference?

  • High Availability — How resilient is your network?
  • Disaster Recovery — How quickly will your company get back to work after an IT emergency?
  • Business Continuity Planning — How, exactly, will your entire business keep functioning during an emergency? More

2. 4 Reasons Your Company Should Have Cyber Security Insurance

  • It can protect you legally.
  • It can cover post-event expenses that might otherwise bankrupt you. More reasons

3. Who Owns What? 5 Steps to Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property

  • Map your data.
  • Update (or create) your IP policy.
  • Monitor your data. More steps

4. BYOD Stats: What Business Leaders Need To Know Right Now

  • Percentage of Americans who use their personal mobile device for work: 81%
  • Percentage who allow others to borrow their devices: 46%
  • Percentage who store work email passwords on their phones: 35% More stats

5. Does Your Company Need To Add Data Leak Protection? How To Decide In 4 Steps

6. 7 Ways Filtering Internet Content Makes Your Business Safer and Smarter

  • Stop web-based malware from entering your network by filtering or blocking blacklisted sites.
  • Block URLs that have nothing to do with work.
  • Improve your network performance, including accelerating cloud-based applications and services. More ways

7. Introduction To Cloud Forensics: 4 Key Questions

  • Where exactly is my data?
  • How is court-ordered data collected? More questions
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