IT Budget Strategies For 2018

If you’re responsible for your organization’s IT budget, then you need to understand the needs of each of your departments along with your entire IT ecosystem. Your budget is the map that defines how IT will maintain, support, and fuel operations and growth in 2018 — which means it’s no small task to complete!

That’s why Leapfrog has prepared this report on how CIOs can use four strategies to prioritize and allocate their resources for 2018.

As IT evolves, moving from a managed expense to a driver of innovation, growth and profits, Leapfrog believes it helps to look at the IT budget from two perspectives:

1. What it will cost for the incremental improvements that keep your existing networks and systems up-to-date and delivering at a high level of service
2. What it will cost to fund the IT tools and talent you need for innovation and growth

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

Our report, IT Budget Strategies For 2018: Four strategies CIOs can use to prioritize and allocate IT resources, focuses primarily on the first perspective because these are the budget issues that must be re-evaluated each year.

These are the strategies and questions we explore:

#1 Cloud Application and Service Strategy: What apps do you want to run and where do you want to run them?
#2 Cybersecurity Strategy: How should you approach your organization’s key security areas to keep up with new threats?
#3 Network Strategy: What improvements do you need to make to your network — especially your wireless network?
#4 Staffing Strategy: Which IT staff positions should you be investing in next year?

A handy checklist at the end can serve as a jumping-off point for your IT budget planning sessions. Download it now to get started.