How To Develop a Successful IT Budget for 2020

Each year your organization gets a fresh opportunity to improve on last year’s IT budget.

To help you succeed in 2020, Leapfrog Services has developed a collection of materials that cover IT budget planning, processes, caveats, and decision-making. 

Our downloadable IT Budgeting Guide for 2020 is a comprehensive overview.

It walks you through what we’ve seen work for clients of every size and across many industries. The goal of the guide is to help you align your IT budget with your business goals, streamline your budgeting activities, and improve your outcomes. We cover topics that range from how to think about the three main areas of IT to our top suggestions for CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs.

The IT Budgeting for 2020 series from Leapfrog:

We’ve also updated one of our most popular blog posts, What Percentage of Your Company’s Budget Should Be Allocated for IT Operations?

This series covers topics we believe need extra attention because they have a major impact on budget and business success. We begin with an overview of questions to ask internally before deciding where to allocate funds, moves on to a discussion on how to budget for recent, specific changes in the cybersecurity landscape, and concludes with the most common IT budget mistakes we’ve seen and how you can avoid them.

You’ll find plenty of key takeaways, real-life examples, clear steps to follow, and links to additional resources.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

If you think your organization could benefit from insights we’ve has amassed helping clients create IT successful budgets for more than 21 years, we invite you to take a look. We hope you find the information useful!