Outlook for iOS and Android: How To Make Mobile Email and Scheduling Even Easier

March 2015: Real email finally comes to your pocket! The mobile version of Microsoft Outlook behaves more like your desktop email — and offers genuine breakthroughs, like setting appointments directly from the email app and attaching files from your DropBox, Google Drive and other cloud storage accounts.

Plus it’s free and works on your Android or iOS device whether or not you use Outlook on your computer. Here’s what else it does to make your email life easier:

  • Makes it easy to add existing email accounts
    Add your iCloud, Google, Yahoo!, Exchange (for business users) and other IMAP mail apps.
  • Brings up your calendar within the message-compose window
    The integrated calendar shows when you’re free. Send the free times that you highlight or send an invitation for the time of your choice. Without leaving the app.
  • Keeps a running list of your recent contacts
    Tap to find the contact you want to send an email to instead of typing in the name. Your contacts are integrated, just like your calendar.
  • Sorts your emails into a Focused inbox or an Other inbox
    It can take a while but Outlook will learn what’s important and automatically put it into your Focused inbox.
  • Automatically puts email attachments into a recent files tab
    No more scrolling through emails trying to figure out which one had the attachment. You can attach files to a new email directly from the tab.
  • Lets you attach files from your cloud storage apps
    DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box — add your accounts and attach at will.
  • Schedules emails
    Want to send your email later or at a specific time? No problem.
  • Walls itself off from the rest of your phone
    Ideal for work email because if something goes wrong, IT (or you) can just wipe the app and its contents and not your entire phone.

There’s more, too. Check out reviews at CNET, Tom’s Guide and The Verge. The app was developed by a company called Acompli that Microsoft bought on 12/1/2014. Even the New York Times is impressed with Microsoft’s recent mobile moves.

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