Windows 7: Tricks To Speed You Up

From renaming a bunch of files at once to smoothing out your on-screen fonts so your eyes don’t get tired, Windows 7 is full of features that can make you more productive. Leap ahead with five of our favorites:

1. Rename a folder full of files at once. This is so easy, you’ll use it all the time, especially for photos with meaningless file names. Create a folder, put the files to be renamed into the folder, select all files (CTRL + A), press F2 and then rename ONE file. Press Enter. The rest will automatically be renamed with the file name you choose, plus a serial number.

2. Find out what’s slowing you down. Get the numerical rating of how well your computer’s hardware and software work together so you can see what you can do to improve performance. Visit the Windows Experience Index for ratings on several capabilities — your own PC metrics!

3. Find an open file within an application in a snap. Sure, you can use the Alt-Tab keyboard shortcut but then you have to cycle through everything that’s open to find the file you want. Instead, hold down CTRL and click the taskbar icon for the file’s application until you get to the open file you want.

4. Use digital Sticky Notes just like the analog ones — only better. Why slow down? Capture random thoughts and to-dos on the fly by creating Sticky Notes then organizing them when you have time by adjusting the color, fonts, more. Start > All Programs > Accessories > Sticky Notes.

5. Make your screen fonts crystal clear. Smooth, clear fonts make for faster reading with less fatigue. Make sure ClearType Tuner is turned on and then follow the instructions to bump up the detail according to what looks best to you. Want even more adjustments? Try the ClearType Tuner PowerToy.