6 Top Personal Assistant Apps: Get Things Done Fast!

April, 2012: Apple’s Siri may have started it but you no longer need an iPhone 4S to get a smooth-talking, super-helpful, voice-controlled personal assistant.

Check out these worthy Siri copycats for smartphones. They work with other apps to leap to your rescue when you ask them questions:

1. Speaktoit Assistant
Earns notable accolades, including a place in The New York Times’ Top 10 Android Apps of the Year list. Free, Android and iPhone. Website.

2. Jeanie
Uses Google’s Speech Recognition technology, and for Apple products it’s called “Voice Action” instead of Jeanie. Works on iPads, too. Free for Android, $4.99 for iPhone. Website.

3. Dragon Go!
From a proven leader in voice-recognition technology. Also offers complementary results for fine-tuning. Free for Android and iPhone. Website.

4. Vlingo
Includes a feature that lets you update your Facebook and Twitter status by voice. Preloaded on some Windows Mobile Phones. Free for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and (for now) BlackBerry. Website.

5. Evi
So much like Siri that it was almost booted off Apple’s App Store. Interface changes secured its spot. Free for Android, $0.99 for iPhone. Website.

6. Iris
Initially famous for having been coded in only eight hours, Iris stands for “Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri” and is also Siri spelled backwards. Free for Android. Website.