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Reporting and Analytics: Show Me the Data!

Leapfrog believes that telling you exactly what’s up with your IT leads to the best decision-making. So we share everything! We’re completely transparent. No matter what the data show — good, bad and otherwise — you get regular, detailed reports about your company’s IT ecosystem and performance, from uptime to patches to your IT key performance indicators (KPIs). You also get in-depth analyses and recommendations that are based on the data, and we fold your decisions into your Strategic IT Roadmap.

Warning: Frogs are super picky. If a monthly report shows you had 99.96% uptime, we’ll take actions to improve our results for next time — we want 100% uptime and won’t rest until we get it. Well, when we reach 99.999% we may exhale for a second, but just for a second.

The only way to get truly Optimized IT is to track it

To know how your network, systems, components, devices, operating system and security procedures are functioning at any given time, you need to constantly monitor and record their performance. You need to look for anomalies and analyze trends. You need to find the root cause for anything that’s not operating at peak, then fix it and report on the whole process. This is part of how we optimize your IT so it becomes as healthy, stable and secure as possible. It’s what operational excellence looks like — and it all starts with the data!

Reports and Analysis you can count on every month and quarter

As a Leapfrog Managed IT client, you receive three monthly reports, two quarterly reports, a monthly newsletter and tech alerts as they’re needed:

Monthly Executive Asset Summary Report

A snapshot of the previous month’s IT-related KPIs so you can see how we did. It includes things like system activity and events, server security logs, disk space reports, and workstation and licensing information.

Monthly Server Uptime & Patch Management Report

A summary of all proactive patches, maintenance tasks and the resulting server uptime over the last 30 days.

Monthly Asset Inventory Tracker

An Excel inventory of all of your PCs, servers, operating systems and other resources so you can see what you have, how they’re doing and what’s coming down the pipeline regarding procurement. IP addresses and the last login are included.

Quarterly Performance & Trending Report

A 90-day roll-up of the past quarter’s IT-related KPIs, similar to the Monthly Executive Summary but with a broader view to get a better idea about trending. It includes ticket duration and resolution times, which areas are causing the most and least issues, when most calls come in and who calls the most, and satisfaction survey results (we send a survey at the close of each ticket asking how we did).

Quarterly Business Review

A full account review to ensure alignment on your KPIs, budgets and strategic initiatives. We’ll use this report as the basis for updates to your Strategic IT Roadmap, if needed.


A monthly newsletter that shares insights on topical business IT issues and ways to become more secure and productive in your IT life.


Urgent email notifications when we believe an occurrence in the larger IT world needs your attention. It will include what we think you should do and where you can turn for more information. If the situation calls for it, we’ll send follow-up alerts as well.

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