IT solutions architecture.

Align solutions with your business goals.

Your IT solutions need to align with your business goals to deliver business value. At Leapfrog, our solutions architects envision and orchestrate IT improvements you need to resolve challenges, modernize, and improve your IT environment — the right solutions uncomplicate IT.

"I own the strategy. Leapfrog knows what will work to achieve it." IT Director, Manufacturing Company

Work with solutions architects who design to your business requirements.

The first step in developing the right solutions for your organization begins with a thorough business audit. Before we begin to design, we discuss your business challenges and priorities, the current state of your IT environment, your operational requirements, your budget, and your risk tolerance. Your unique situation drives the scope and complexity of our proposed solution.

Your solution will be based on a large and reliable set of real-world data compiled and approved by our R&D Task Force. If our team doesn’t have a pre-vetted solution to meet your needs, we research and recommend the best options or, on occasion, work with an application development partner to build the right solution for you.

As your strategic IT business partner, Leapfrog’s role includes managing the solutions we deploy so our priorities and yours are aligned. Our common goal is stable, secure, and scalable IT solutions that operate as designed and require minimal intervention outside of normal IT monitoring and management activities.

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Expect a smooth transition and ongoing stability.

Any new solution should improve your operations. To ensure a fluid transition to your Leapfrog solution, the Leapfrog Project Implementation team uses a scheduled, phased approach and works closely with your key stakeholders. You will know what’s happening and when, and we’ll report back to you with progress updates as we proceed. Business disruptions will be minimal or nonexistent.

Sometimes the solution you’re looking for involves completing a series of changes to your IT environment or includes complementary solutions. In these situations, Leapfrog solutions architects design an IT roadmap that defines the needed changes — possibly upgrading, replacing, automating, or streamlining existing solutions — and any complementary solutions. Infrastructure standardization may be part of your road map if you have multiple locations.

For ongoing stability, Leapfrog solutions architects continue to be involved in operating your IT environment after your new solution has been deployed. They are part of your strategic IT team.

Outsource IT initiatives to help your internal IT team.

If you need to augment your internal team to execute a solutions architecture project, you can turn to Leapfrog’s IT Solutions Architecture team. Your internal team can bring us in to handle projects such as major network upgrades or configurations, security improvements, system or platform integrations (including cloud migration), compliance initiatives, and improved and more affordable Disaster Recovery solutions. We operate as an asset to your internal IT team by helping find the solution you need, deploying the solutions, and communicating clearly throughout the entire process.

Even if Leapfrog is not managing all your IT, our solutions architects will collaborate with your stakeholders on your IT roadmap. If you need help managing the solution in the future, you have access to a team that’s ready to step in.