Project implementation.

Deploying a new solution to your IT environment requires changing your existing environment — it takes skill to maintain your service level during transitions. Leapfrog’s experienced project managers adhere to change-management processes that include careful planning, tracking, monitoring, and coordination of all execution phases. They also know where projects may encounter challenges and have playbooks that minimize disruptions and ensure your solutions are deployed on time and on budget.

Deploy your solution by adhering to best practices.

Project implementation services are available to Leapfrog clients who are migrating part or all of their IT environment to our care, designing and launching new technology solutions, and executing major systems integration projects with Leapfrog. The role of our project managers is to bring your solution blueprint to life while working closely with your internal stakeholders.

By following the change management best-practice processes within ITIL Service Transition and using the Agile approach to implementation, your project is completed successfully and on a realistic timeline. It will be divided into two-week sprints. This is a highly efficient process that allows us to adjust to any changes that may come up, including changes to your requirements or priorities.

Successful implementation of your project also includes quality assurance (QA) testing, documentation, and systems monitoring and measurement. Your completed project operates within your environment exactly as it was designed so you get the performance results you were looking for.

Transform digitally and move ahead with confidence.

​Among the most common solutions our project managers deploy are those that involve a pivot to digital. As more business is conducted online, more companies need to transform business operations and services from in-person or on-premises to online. Most often, this involves a series of distinct projects (or steps) that are part of a program that lead to your desired future state.

With Leapfrog, your project management team has deep experience managing digital transformation projects and can condense deployment timelines if needed. Your business needs are our primary concern. We understand your ability to generate revenue, pursue new opportunities, and streamline operations can depend on the professionalism of your implementation team.

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