Asset and vendor management.

Offload tedious (but important) tasks.

Managing the IT assets and vendors you rely on is a nonstop activity that can seem cumbersome and unproductive to internal IT departments. Leapfrog relieves you of the burden by following standardized processes to systematically track and analyze all the variables and take action when needed.

Simplify asset lifecycle management and procurement.

For your business to have optimal performance, capacity, and reliability, you need to have appropriately sized assets that are capable of delivering what you need. Leapfrog specialists ensure your assets continue to deliver by managing your inventory database, procuring and configuring new devices when you need them, integrating the new devices into your network, and keeping your software licenses up to date.

This systematic asset lifecycle management approach is advantageous to your organization and our technicians. It relieves you from being responsible for tedious tasks and our technicians from managing assets that are aging out and may cause network problems. As part of your monthly reporting, we let you know which assets are in the pipeline for replacement and we’ll recommend replacements that will integrate seamlessly into your environment. All Leapfrog recommendations are based on the results of Leapfrog’s R&D Task Force rigorous vetting process.

​This asset management approach also streamlines budgeting. The IT asset portion of your budget will be determined in advance as part of your annual IT roadmap update. New devices will be deployed on a schedule and the data on old assets will be destroyed before we recycle the components.

Get the most out of your technology vendors with vendor management.

If your company is like most, you use many different outsourced IT services — Internet, cloud, and CRM, for example. Each IT vendor meets a specific need for you, has a unique service agreement, and presents a different set of challenges and risks.

Leapfrog can act as the vendor coordinator and manager on your behalf. With a Letter of Agency (LOA), Leapfrog becomes a designated agent who is authorized to resolve issues for you and alert vendors to problems we spot during routine monitoring and management, such as slower-than-usual internet speed. We work directly with your vendors to fix the problems — there is no need for your team to get involved. All vendor performance and contacts are tracked and recorded.

As your company moves more of your computing to the cloud, your integrated IT environment becomes more complex. Having an IT partner manage your providers helps keep your entire IT operation running smoothly. Leapfrog can also identify weak links and recommend alternatives that enable you to streamline services, cut costs, and reduce risk. With your permission, we can also negotiate your vendor contracts. You have an advantage when your negotiator knows what dozens of other companies are paying for the same service and service levels.