How can one nonprofit help over a thousand others? Show ‘em the ropes!

If you’re a nonprofit in Georgia and you want to make a greater impact, who you gonna call? The Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN).

For 20 years, GCN has been helping nonprofits leap higher so they can do more good.

From its Nonprofit University and consultant services, to job postings, health insurance options and their “Topics for High Performance,” GCN is like one-stop shopping for nonprofit know-how, regardless of an organization’s size or experience. Their expertise includes trends, metrics, tax law, finance, ethics, strategic planning, donor relations and more. They recently added a social networking community, too.

GCN is ranked among the nation’s top state associations but what really matters is how its efforts translate into help for people in need. By providing services to more than 1,100 current member organizations, this single association is helping improve the ability of nonprofits across the state to deliver critical programs and services to hundreds of thousands of people. Add up the efforts of the past 20 years and GCN’s contribution is enormous.

Leapfrog is proud to provide discounted IT services to GCN and delighted to help it celebrate its 20th anniversary. This month is special for GCN, too. It will be hosting its annual two-day conference in Atlanta where hundreds of nonprofit staff and consultants gather together to learn, discuss, train and network. This year, Carol Cone is one of the two high-powered keynote speakers. If you know anything about cause branding, the mere mention of Carol’s name makes you want to run and get a good seat.

We invite you to learn more about this important organization.