Not Your Grandpa’s Bluetooth: Awesome Additions In 3 Top Gadget Groups

APRIL 2013: Bluetooth wireless technology has leapt so far beyond just eliminating wires, it’s like you’re living in a science fiction ecosystem!

Now you can listen to music from your water bottle … map your golf swings … record every physical movement you make during the day … open your garage door from your smartphone … and so much more.

Hop on some of our favorite latest, greatest Bluetooth gadgets:

1) Go-anywhere speakers for wireless, hassle-free music
Choose from dozens of brands, options and price points — check them out at CNET’s top picks and TopTenREVIEWS. We like BoomBottle, the Bluetooth speaker that’s inside your water bottle (available soon) and speakers built into your purse (see slideshow).

2) Body tracking for a healthier lifestyle and better performance
Set goals and track your activities with wearable trackers like Fitbit Flex and Withings Smart Activity Tracker (both coming to market soon). Want to track your sleeping and eating? Use Jawbone. Monitor your heart rate and track your training? Try GOW. You can also improve your putting on the greens, log your dives, and, if you’re curious about your tooth brushing stats (and who isn’t?), track your dental hygiene habits, too — awesome!

3) Apps that turn your smartphone into a driver’s best friend
Go ahead and throw your clunky garage door opener in a drawer forever — use your smartphone to open it instead. Start your car remotely and also find your keys so you can turn the car off again later. And while you’re out and about, make Bluetooth hands-free calls right through your GPS.