Super-Speed Your iPhone! Top 10 List of Fast, Fabulous Functions (Next Month: Androids)

February 2014: Inside your iPhone’s operating system are some of the most useful, time-saving, wish-I-knew-that-before functions that will probably change the way you use your phone.

They’re fabulous and they’re free. And they’re waiting to be discovered. Here’s our Top 10 List for Frogs who have iPhones:

Top 10 Fast, Fabulous Functions for iPhones

10. Use your phone as a level. The second window of the Compass is a level gauge.
9. In Calendar, tap the Search icon to get to the list view.
8. In Mail, get expressive when you type by using bold, italics and underlines. Select a word then click the arrow to get to the BIU option.
7. Swipe to the left or right to delete the last digit you entered in Calculator.
6. Swipe to the right to go back in Mail and other apps.
5. Swipe to the left to see Message time stamps, delete an email and get rid of a notification.
4. Block a phone number. Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked and choose Add New.
3. Take multiple photos in bursts by holding down any of the buttons that take a photo — the round button in the app or either volume button. You can take up to 10 per second (then delete the bad ones later).
2. Touch the top bar of any app to automatically scroll back to the top of the app.

And our favorite fabulous iPhone function to keep you fantastically productive:

1. Put your smartphone on Airplane mode to charge it faster. Airplane mode stops power-sucking signal transmissions on iPhones and every smartphone — Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Bonus: Airplane mode also squeezes more power out of a low battery if you’re using your phone for non-transmitting apps.

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