Tablet Wars: What’s Great (and Not So Great) About the iPad Air, Surface 2 and Nexus 7

November 2013: What are the best (and worst) features?

iPad Air
Great: Lightweight, A7 processor, faster WiFi, stable ecosystem, sleek design, iPad mini version (late November)
Not so great: Price, no keyboard with trackpad option, no gold tone as with new iPhone 5S
Reviews: CNET,, AnandTech (video), BGR

Surface 2
Great: Tablet-laptop combo, keyboard as accessory, Office (including Outlook), work in two apps simultaneously, kickstand, Surface 2 Pro version
Not so great: Price, keyboard not included, fewer apps
Reviews: ZDNet, AppleInsider, AnandTech, Guardian

Nexus 7

Great: Small, fast, price, bright panel, viewing angles, 1M+ apps, new Nexus 10 version coming soon
Not so great: No LED flash, limited number of tablet-dedicated apps

Reviews: Engadget, CNET, CNET (update), AnandTech

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