Wireless docking stations for your laptop

Ah, the convenience of plugging just one device into your laptop instead of several —monitor, mouse, keyboard and network — sounds like a dream solution to saving time and reducing clutter on your desktop. And this may be true…if yours is the only laptop around!

In an office with multiple wireless docking stations, get ready to be annoyed by poor performance and distance issues and wholly unworkable situations like “cross-talk.” Cross-talk occurs when transmitted signals from one device create an undesired effect on another. Imagine all the cross-talk in an office with 50 wireless docking stations!

But just because wireless docking stations aren’t ready for prime time doesn’t mean they won’t be soon. Leapfrog Labs will let you know when they find one that nails the technology. Meantime, if you already have a wireless docking station and it’s giving you trouble, give us a call. An on-site consultant will get it working for you as soon as possible.