1,195,371 trees. 31 countries. One day. Leapfrog nonprofit client pulls off an astounding green feat.

Initially they were aiming to plant 200,000 trees. Instead, EARTH University pulled together enough support to plant more than five times that number of trees — nearly 1.2 million — all in ONE day.

The “EARTH Plants the Future” project was in celebration of EARTH University’s 20th anniversary. And it took place, appropriately, on World Environment Day, June 5, 2010.

Why such a grand undertaking? To show how concrete, practical action can help solve our greenhouse gas emissions problem. The trees planted by volunteers on that single day will counteract approximately 98,000 tons of carbon dioxide.
Every year.

EARTH University, located in Guácimo, Costa Rica, prepares young people from around the world to become change agents in their communities. It’s based on the belief that environmental and social challenges can be resolved through education that promotes science, technology and entrepreneurship that’s combined with leadership, human values and a commitment to service. EARTH University Foundation, which raises money to fund the university, receives Leapfrog IT services at reduced prices.

Leapfrog is in awe of the success of “EARTH Plants the Future.” And, we’re inspired by the organization’s vision, dedication and ability to translate ideas into worldwide action. Congratulations, EARTH University!