7 Types of Cases That Do Double-Duty — Up Your Smartphone Game!

May 2014: If you have to cover up your sleek, painstakingly designed smartphone, why not get something more than mere protection? Smartphone cases that do double-duty as something else can save time, cut down on pocket or purse clutter and integrate your digital and analog lives. They can even help you out of a jam!

These are our top picks for creative cases that go beyond the typical hybrid designs, including some with secret compartments and built-in chargers — which one can help you streamline your life?:

1. Do you prefer to type on tactile keys? Add a slide-out keyboard for your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.

2. Want to use your hand for other things? Try a kickstand for your iPhone 5 or Galaxy so you can Skype and watch videos hands-free.

case3. Got stuff to hide? Secret compartments in your iPhone case make it easy for you to leave your wallet at home … or turn your case into a wallet with these Galaxy S5 options.

4. Tired of your battery running low? Extend its life with battery cases for iPhone 5 and Galaxy, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

5. Want to loosen a screw or shave some bark off a branch? Add a toolbox to your iPhone.

6. Thirsty? Get one with a slide-out bottle opener.

7. Need to stop a thief? Soon you can buy one that’s also a concealed stun gun.

Other designs to come include a micro field bag and accessory system. Want to see more options? Start with a visit Smartphonepedia, Android Community, ShopAndroid and Apple Store.

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