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We Believe In Principles and Objectives That Align With Yours

Every company operates by a set of beliefs. These beliefs guide the actions of the employees who work there. The beliefs come across in the way the employees interact with others, how diligently they work, how they make decisions, how transparent they are, how accountable they are, what kind of mood they’re in — beliefs set culture and culture is everything. We believe one of the best ways to learn about a company is to understand what it believes. Here’s what Leapfrog believes:
  • We believe IT exists for one reason — to help you achieve your business goals.
  • We believe in optimized IT so you can leverage it effectively and we can manage it efficiently.
  • We believe your network should be stable and secure, your Internet should always be up and your apps should always work.
  • We believe that fortifying your IT ecosystem against external and internal threats is core to running a successful business.
  • We believe in using the best tools for the job no matter who makes it or sells it.
  • We believe in applying what we’ve learned from solving one client’s problems to helping the rest of our clients.
  • We believe you shouldn’t have to go through a compliance audit alone — we’ll be at your side.
  • We believe in monthly reporting so you can see exactly how we’ve performed.
  • We believe excellence is a habit.
  • We believe you deserve honest, fair monthly pricing with no surprises.
  • We believe you deserve great technology AND great service.
  • We believe you should experience our culture of service from your very first phone call.
  • We believe in supporting nonprofits.
  • We believe that quality is contagious, innovation inspires genius and respect grows relationships.
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