Ken Brantley

Director of Account Management

Ken leads the account management team and is responsible for current client satisfaction and success. He believes effective IT is a critical component of business success and enjoys helping clients make choices that will enable their future growth to be unencumbered by IT limitations. He is particularly skilled at listening to the unique puzzle each client presents and putting the pieces together in a way that paints a clear picture for moving forward.

With 25 years of IT sales experience that covers managed IT infrastructure, consulting, design, deployment, hardware sales, software licensing, platform solutions, IT infrastructure services and web development services, Ken has helped hundreds of organizations make the right choices to improve their IT. Combined with his understanding of emerging trends, he offers clients a well-rounded breadth of knowledge specific to how IT does not exist within a vacuum and how IT needs to consider all aspects of the business to work as intended. Ken is able to clearly articulate how the Leapfrog Methodology aligns with each client’s business strategy.

In addition to developing and maintaining client relationships and ensuring that each new client’s needs are taken care of, Ken manages, trains, and coaches the account management team and manages all current client activities.

Ken is also an active member of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). When pressed, he will admit it took him seven years of visiting the old Blockbuster Video stores to realize they sorted their movies alphabetically. If you really want to get him talking, ask about his improv days or killer karaoke skills.

Ken Brantley