Click, Learn and Leap Ahead: 4 Great Websites for Tech Tutorials

June 2013: You can be a tech genius (if you’re not already). All you need is an Internet connection and a little bit of patience. And sometimes a little bit of money.

Online video training can turn your tech frustrations into tech revelations!

Videos cover every tech subject and range from under a minute to over an hour and longer. Some answer specific questions and others break up big topics into a series of video chapters. Production quality varies but the professional sites are, well, professional! And some instructors are anything but boring.  

Here’s a quick overview of a few top web sites for tech tutorials— why not hop over and get your genius on?:

  1. — Free, taught by anyone with a YouTube channel, production quality varies greatly. There are hundreds of thousands of videos to choose from so be as descriptive as you can when you search the database. A search for “Microsoft Excel tutorial” gets you a whopping 29,100 video results. “Excel formula tutorial” get you 308 results. And “Windows 8 Start Menu tutorial” gets you 33 results (remember to use quotes around your search phrase or your results will be much higher). Some online video training websites have YouTube channels with free excerpts of their pay videos, which is a great way to take them for a test hop without spending a penny.
  2. Virtual Training Company ( — $30/month, taught by experts in the field, very good production quality. This top-rated site offers 1,026 courses that focus primarily on business skills. You can review the list of courses or click for the drop-down menu of categories. This website is a good choice for Microsoft users and people who work with technology.
  3. — $25/month with a 7-day free trial and free select videos available, taught by experts in the field,  with very good production quality. Nearly 2,000 course offerings covering many dozen software titles with multiple videos for each. For example, there are 768 tutorials for Adobe products, 200 for Microsoft, 204 for Apple and 188 for Open Source, plus a wide selection of WordPress tutorials. If you use creative software and/or Apple products, is a great choice for you.
  4. — $25/month and free sample videos available, taught by instructional professionals, with very good production quality. This education-focused website is another good choice for business software training, plus you get the option of taking courses for Continuing Professional Education, complete with final exams and credits.