Updates For Windows 8 and OSX Are Coming! 4 Ways They May Streamline Your Screen Time

June 2013: Rumors are leaping — what will be included in the latest and (maybe) greatest operating system update? Will it solve your biggest complaint? Change how you use your computer? Make your desktop look even more like your smartphone?

June 2013: Only tadpole-sized bits of information about Windows 8.1 (codenamed Windows Blue) and OSX 9 (codenamed Cabernet) have been available so far. Full details will be revealed at each computer giant’s respective developer conference this month — Apple’s is on June 10 and Microsoft’s is on June 26. But word on the street is you can probably expect these four productivity-boosting improvements:

Windows 8.1
(available as a free update through the Windows Store)

  1. Different sized tiles so you can make your favorites bigger and your not-so-favorites smaller
  2. Optional Start button — because a lot of people were perturbed to see it go
  3. Easier ways to use your mouse so that the “Modern” design that mimics mobile devices is more intuitive for desktops
  4. Internet Explorer 11, with the rumors trending toward slicker and friendlier for developers

OSX 9 (pricing unknown but OSX 8, the current operating system, costs $19.99)

  1. Siri, Apple’s personal assistant app, will likely come to the desktop and laptop, waiting to respond to your every request
  2. Apple Maps will attempt to compete with Google Maps by offering added features
  3. “Power user” features will make it easier to navigate the Finder and include tabbed browsing
  4. Improved Safari with “redesigned backend for improved page loading, speed, and efficiency, says 9to5Mac.