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Client Services Help Drive Down IT Issues — And Drive Up Productivity

Leapfrog devotes the same level of dedication to optimizing your account management as we do to optimizing your IT.

Through a consultative approach that includes comprehensive reporting, business reviews, asset and vendor management, compliance support and other high-touch activities, Client Services connects the dots between your business needs and the best IT solutions. It’s all part of your customized Strategic IT Roadmap, which our team builds for you based on your business objectives.

Our Client Services goal is accountability, our mode is transparency, our mission is keeping your IT on track and our ultimate satisfaction is having you leap for joy because we’re doing such a good job. Plus we’re fun. That’s important, too.

Meet your Client Services Rep

Your Client Services Representative is not your sales rep. Or an engineer or an entry-level employee. Your Client Services Rep is a business-savvy management specialist who is your liaison for all things Leapfrog. Your rep’s job is to use his or her contextual IT knowledge and business experience to find effective solutions for any IT issue that may be affecting productivity. So go ahead and add your rep’s phone number to your favorites list right now because this frog will quickly become your go-to IT advisor, planner, trouble-shooter, meeting leader and all-around get-things-doner.

Meet your data-driven Strategic IT Roadmap

Your Strategic IT Roadmap is a customized, comprehensive planning and budgeting tool that informs your ongoing IT Optimization process and provides a clear vision for your IT future. Experts from every Leapfrog department contribute to its development and it includes recommendations, priorities, timelines and costs. It also spells out expected results — this is key! Every recommendation we make is data-driven and we show you how the data supports it. And since our IT knowledge resources are enormous (we have hundreds of clients all over the world), we apply what we learn managing IT for other companies to your roadmap process as well. This makes for a living, breathing, awesomely effective Strategic IT Roadmap. And for extraordinary IT account management.

Performance Reports, Tech Tracking and Cat Herding (a.k.a., Vendor Management)

Your Client Services Rep is all about keeping your IT operation organized and keeping you informed. He or she will lead the charge on letting you know exactly what’s going in with your IT ecosystem, your IT assets and your various IT vendors. Leapfrog Client Services provides:

Reporting and Analytics: We give you all of your IT operations data in five different monthly and quarterly reports.
Asset Management and Procurement: We track your tech, tell you when you need replacements and get them for you, too.
Vendor Management: We manage your pond-full of IT vendors — outsourced, cloud, whatever. So you just manage us.

Regular business-review meetings and subject matter expert meetings are part of Leapfrog Client Services, too, whether you’re a Single-Source IT Management client or using our services to solve specific IT challenges.

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