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Cloud Services: Two Decades Of Smooth-sailing Cloud Clout

Where should your company do each part of its computing — in the cloud or on the ground? Which type of cloud should you use — private, public or hybrid? Who should you trust to manage your cloud computing? Our team can help answer all of these cloud questions (and the ones you haven’t thought of) because we’ve been part of the cloud revolution since the beginning.

Leapfrog designs networks so they’re completely transparent

From your end, it just works. As your team performs its responsibilities, they aren’t aware that one process is happening in the cloud and another is happening on your servers. Your entire network operates as smoothly and securely as if it were running on completely dedicated infrastructure.

A cloud computing innovator since our inception in 1998.

Back then, no one called it the cloud. Utility computing and hosting were the terms of the day. To date, Leapfrog has designed and implemented hundreds of integrated cloud solutions built on either our private cloud, our clients’ private clouds or in the public cloud. We currently manage thousands of devices that operate using our cloud solutions — it’s part of our unified, streamlined approach to managed IT services.

With cloud services from Leapfrog, you get:

  • A strategy as unique as your company that’s based on your goals, activities, budget, needs, risk tolerance and other criteria
  • End-to-end security with supplemental options for highly sensitive data
  • Computing that’s so reliable and stable that you won’t be able to tell it’s in the cloud
  • Added functionality without added capital expense
  • The near-instant ability to scale up or scale down based on your changing needs
  • Available Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Desktop As A Service (VDI or DaaS) solutions
  • Partnership with the best cloud partners on the planet whether you’re using public, private or hybrid clouds
  • An integrated cloud solution that seamlessly combines cloud services and traditional on-site hardware
  • Partnership with the best cloud partners on the planet whether you’re using public, private or hybrid clouds
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions
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