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Private Cloud: Use Leapfrog’s or Have Us Build One For You

Leapfrog hosts dozens of clients on our private cloud and we build private clouds for clients who need a cloud of their own. It may sound somewhat magical, but our engineers do it every day.

Leapfrog’s private cloud helps us better manage our clients’ IT

As pioneers in cloud services, it’s probably no surprise that our private cloud is second to none. We have made a considerable investment in building a superb cloud computing platform that’s secure, resilient, available , and far more advanced than what others can offer or what most clients can afford to build on their own. If you need a cloud with up to 75 desktops, our cloud is a great business choice.

With Leapfrog’s cloud you get:

  • Super-smooth computing across your entire IT ecosystem
  • High availability, guaranteed
  • Ability to run industry-specific applications on servers that aren’t your own
  • Colocated in ultra-secure data centers
  • Supplemental security options for highly sensitive data
  • Cost-effective alternative to replacing your aging infrastructure or to building your own private cloud
A private cloud is basically an in-house cloud computing platform. Since it’s in-house (our house, your house, or even a third party’s house), it’s designed with custom features and security, and it offers far more control than public cloud services.

We build private clouds for clients who need specialized platforms

If you have a business with multiple locations or one that uses applications that are not well suited to shared platforms (such as proprietary manufacturing applications), having your own cloud may be the best solution. Financial services firms and healthcare companies often need their own clouds because they use highly sensitive data and require ultra-fast computing. With your own private cloud built by Leapfrog you get:

  • Custom design and optimal control
  • Flexible options for resiliency and security
  • Smaller IT footprint and greater energy savings
  • Optionally integrated Data Leak Protection (DLP)
  • High availability guaranteed, if you need it
  • Complete ownership of your cloud
  • cloud management from Leapfrog as part of your managed IT services

Cloud computing since 1998

Leapfrog is in our third decade of cloud computing and we’ve been managing our own private cloud since 2005. About 30% of our clients use our private cloud and colocation services and more take advantage of it all the time. You can count on us for a turbulence-free private cloud experience, including integrating private clouds with the rest of your IT environment.

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