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IT Support Center: Services That Complete Your IT Circle

A high-performing support function is the anchor for your organization’s optimized IT ecosystem. You need to support the people who are using your IT.

If your team is having trouble with something in your IT ecosystem — an app, device, operating system error, network problem or the Internet — it gets in the way of doing business. Our experts get IT obstacles out of your way by resolving issues right when they pop up, even if they require attention from top-level specialists.

Whether you outsource your entire infrastructure management to Leapfrog or just your IT Support Center, you get a technical team that’s 65+ members strong, available to you all the time — no waiting! — and has IT knowledge that’s broad, deep and always current. And by following best practices methodologies, we’ve got problem-solving down to a science. This is how Leapfrog supports your people just like we support your network, systems and infrastructure.

With Leapfrog Support Center services you get:

  • Availability that’s second to none — your call is answered in person by a trained technician who knows how to help you
  • Resolution speeds that get your end users back to work fast
  • World-class methodology built around the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and Agile frameworks
  • Systems that capture and track all known IT issues at your company so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Enough personnel on hand so we can solve your problems no matter how many other problems we’re handling
  • Same level of support for your C-suite, administrative team, back-office personnel and the team out in the field
  • Remote access management for consistent support no matter where you are — office, airport, home or (sorry) the beach
  • Same great support for Windows, Android, Linux, Macs, OSX, iOs and BlackBerry
  • Absolutely no attitude or tech lingo — just friendly IT support
From network issues to device problems to special projects that require a pond full of experts, your organization can count on Leapfrog. You’ll find out why our clients so busy getting their work done instead of waiting for IT help. IT Support Center is available as part of Single-Source IT Management or as a stand-alone service.

IT Support Center: 404-870-2124 | Toll-Free IT Support Center: 866-870-2124

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