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Post deregulation, the energy industry continues to be an industry of risk and reward. Traditional power companies must transform legacy systems to keep up with the flood of digital data coming from “smart meters” and other network devices, and connect that usage data to online billing and CRM that’s secure and highly available. New energy retailers also need responsive digital marketing and billing to capture new commercial and residential customers. Alternative energy start-ups – from solar energy providers to the makers of inverters, panels, fuel cells, or car chargers – need effortless background IT so owners and officers can stay focused on core innovation and investment.

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Power growth and customer care with “smart” IT

Across the energy spectrum, Leapfrog provides Managed IT services that boost operational efficiency and help your company or co-op better connect with key customers and stakeholders. We can serve as your single-source provider for all things IT, or assist your in-house IT staff with proactive support so they can concentrate on mission-critical tasks.

As your Managed IT partner, we offer:

  • Remote monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure for peak performance. We cover your networks, servers, applications, and endpoints, and all the data flowing between them. Our sophisticated tools can identify issues and address them immediately for maximum uptime.
  • Traditional and hybrid cloud services that are secure, reliable, scalable, and highly compatible with energy regulations. We can help ensure your networks and applications can scale to peak demand or seasonal fluctuations in service activity.
  • A full range of data back-up and disaster recovery solutions, including Leapfrog data centers in Georgia and Texas so you can operate as usual in the event of a local disaster. We can also help you develop detailed business continuity plans.
  • Fortified network and data security with firewalls, anti-intrusions systems, end-to-end data encryption, and user permissions that reduce your exposure to security breaches and help ensure the integrity of customer and corporate data.
  • Detailed compliance and audit support that clears the highest standards for IT availability, security, reliability, privacy, and confidentiality. (We are SSAE-18, Type II, SOC-2 compliant.)
  • Proactive vendor management to boost IT performance and reduce costs. We provide useful business intelligence to optimize your buying decisions, aligning IT investments to business goals.
  • Mobile device management that supports internal staff, field staff, and customers without compromising security or compliance.
  • Application management that adapts to changing industry requirements and customer preferences. We give you a robust framework for running critical apps or custom solutions without IT bottlenecks or major integration issues.
  • On-demand IT experts from across the tech spectrum, including solutions architects and engineers who do IT Special Ops such as major integrations, upgrades, and new tech deployments.

Leapfrog clients also enjoy the benefits of:

  • Proactive and reactive IT Support Center services 24/7/365
  • Live call answer rate with 95% of issues resolved in under 60 seconds
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Field support services as needed
  • Proven service delivery across multi-office and highly mobile environments
  • Extensive experience integrating post-merger/acquisition environments

With Leapfrog powering your infrastructure and end-user support, IT becomes an asset your energy company can leverage.

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