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Rapid change can be destabilizing. Most financial advisory firms today are caught in the crosscurrents of:

  • Increasing regulatory compliance
  • Globalization and consolidation
  • Rapidly emerging technologies, from cloud computing to mobile solutions
  • Internal and external threats to network/data security

To keep up, internal IT departments often end up producing highly fragmented and complex IT environments that require broad skills and expertise to effectively manage.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

Leapfrog has spent more than two decades proactively managing and optimizing IT environments for hedge funds, private equity firms, investment advisory firms, and other financial services providers.

By managing their IT environments, Leapfrog give our financial services clients and their IT departments the ability to focus on key growth initiatives and building out innovative business solutions — there’s no need for them to get bogged down with system upgrades, service disruptions, compliance issues, security breaches, and other IT issues related to platforms, networks, infrastructure, or cybersecurity. These issues are managed or eliminated by Leapfrog.

Managed IT services for financial services companies include:

• Managing your IT for maximum productivity and uptime
You enjoy high availability, reliability, and security for all your networks, apps, and endpoints, and all the data flowing between them. We configure your IT infrastructure for optimum performance, giving you a robust framework for running critical apps or custom solutions without IT bottlenecks or major integration issues.

• Streamlining compliance requirements and audits
We offer easy management and reporting on policy and procedural controls per (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission, (FINRA) Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and (SOX) Sarbanes-Oxley Act mandates. Our classification as an SSAE-18, SOC-2 provider means our IT services clear the highest bar for financial industry compliance.

• Fortifying your networks and data against security breaches or service disruptions
From network firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to user permissions and security controls, we reduce your exposure to cybersecurity attacks and internal theft. End-to-end encryption keeps your data secure–at rest and in transit. And with Leapfrog data centers in Georgia and Texas, you get broad business continuity coverage in the event of a local disaster.

• Consolidating your IT services into more efficient platforms — including private or hybrid clouds — that can help standardize processes, improve business intelligence, and provide near-instant scalability on demand.

• Vetting and testing new technologies for smarter purchasing decisions
Our Solutions Task Force is constantly testing new technologies to determine which really are best in class and best suited for your business. We gladly to share the scorecards with you.

• Automating manual and redundant tasks to reduce overhead and improve operational efficiency
You can turn over your entire IT environment – or any part that’s distracting you from your core business – and we’ll manage, monitor, and configure it for optimum performance, compliance, security, and growth.

With Leapfrog, you get:

  • Extensive experience in the financial services sector
  • Rapid response and end-user support whenever issues arise
  • Proven service delivery across multi-office environments
  • On-demand IT skillsets with hundreds of subject matter experts, and solutions architects and systems engineers
  • Deep experience integrating post-acquisition environments
  • Native cloud services designed for rigorous financial compliance
  • A streamlined “assets under management approach”

24/7 proactive and reactive support
95% live call answer rate in under 60 seconds
Reporting and analytics

Managed firewalls with IDS
Third-party security penetration test/verification
Permissions and data management
Documented IT controls

Bundled disaster recovery solution (Preparis, offsite replication)
Full audit support (SSAE-18, FINRA checklists)

Enterprise mobile security platforms/Mobile Device Management
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI)

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