iOS 10 and 10.1: What’s New, What’s Improved and How To Fix the Bugs

Apple’s iOS 10 is one of the most robust updates in a while — there’s a slew of new features, improvements and ways to do things. But there are also a few glitches, as usual. Some were resolved right after the September 13 launch, some were resolved with iOS 10.1 on October 24, and some you still need to take care of yourself.

Here’s a chart of the top new, improved and buggy features with links to tutorials and troubleshooting guides:

Before you update, it’s a good idea to delete apps, photos and videos you don’t want anymore. It makes room for the update and also helps keep your phone clean.

And, of course, back up first!

Make sure to install the iOS 10.1 update because it includes an important security patch. It also includes fixes and fun stuff like the anticipated Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus that helps your photos look like a pro took them.

No more slide-to-unlock screen Major Siri upgrade Poor battery life
Tons (and tons) of Messages additions Redesigned Music app with storage optimization Bricked phones (resolved)
Raise to wake 3D touch in more apps Bluetooth connectivity problems
Bedtime Map improvements including en-route suggestions WiFi connectivity problems
72 new emojis, replace text with emojis and the gun replacement emoji Multilingual and contextual predictions typing that you can disable iPhone not vibrating on incoming calls
Maps automated Parked Car feature Three flashlight brightness settings Touch ID not working
Photos automated and editable Memories collections Interactive notifications, including viewing photos and videos T-Mobile connectivity issues (resolved)
Ability to delete default apps Redesigned News app with push notifications Alarms not working properly


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