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IT Solution Architecture Mission Possible. For Custom IT Made Easy, Call In The Frogs.

Maybe you’re looking at a major network upgrade, or a tangled web of systems integration tasks without the time or resources to make it happen. Or perhaps an IT bottleneck is holding your entire business back, and you’ve got to find and implement new solutions fast.

Think of us as your allies and special agents for change.

After pioneering remote IT management back in the 90s, we developed an elite corps of specialists focused solely on systems integration and change processes.

Whatever’s on your list, these highly trained frogs can handle it. They’re like the Delta Force of IT Special Ops. They skillfully and routinely:

  • Design, test and deploy new servers and applications that fully mobilize your business and all its players
  • Upgrade and configure network switches, firewalls, and routers
  • Boost security with end-to-end data encryption and intrusion prevention systems
  • Integrate traditional and cloud computing for highly available and scalable, cost-effective IT
  • Implement mobile security or email platforms that deliver high availability data access, anytime, anywhere, even to strict compliance standards
  • Design, test and roll out disaster recovery and business continuity plans that improve outcomes and limit losses whenever disruptions happen

Intensely focused design and delivery done right

Unlike in-house IT departments, our dedicated solutions architects and systems engineers aren’t saddled with routine maintenance and support functions. So they can concentrate all their energy (and mad frog skills) on your special project or IT overhaul. But what’s more important, they’re intensely focused on implementing the right technologies for your business.

With Leapfrog, you get:

  • A uniquely business-focused approach to IT

Every engagement starts with a thorough business audit. Before any solution or strategy is ever proposed, we consider:

— how your IT ecosystem functions (or doesn’t)
— your key business challenges, goals and priorities
— your budget and risk tolerance

That way, your business and its unique dynamics drive your technology choices (and costs) — not the other way round.

  • Unbiased consulting (No “one size fits all” thinking here)

We don’t believe in pushing a standard platform or vendor. Every implementation is designed to your unique situation.

  • Vetted and tested solutions designed and tailored to your business

We do custom designed IT, deploying best-in-class solutions — tested and monitored over hundreds of customer engagements — that open your business, workforce and networks to do more. Whatever you need, we’ll find it, fit it, or even build it from scratch.

  • A dedicated force of highly skilled architects and engineers

Our frog delta force includes solutions architects, project managers, and systems engineers who stay immersed in IT special ops all the time. Truly transformative IT is all they do. So you get the right results, efficiently delivered.

  • A super-streamlined change process that gets you up and running faster

Our phased approach ensures a more fluid transformation that’s delivered on budget and on schedule, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

  • Stable, secure, highly scalable results for smooth-sailing IT today and tomorrow

We’re focused on making your IT ecosystem as stable, secure and highly scalable as it can be. As your Managed IT provider, it’s our job to monitor and maintain whatever we build for you, so our priorities and incentives are always aligned with yours. High performance is as important to us as it is to you, and our outstanding outcomes prove it. We do IT Special Ops like nobody else.

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