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IT Advice for Working Remotely
During difficult times, connecting remotely with your employees, co-workers, and customers is part of staying healthy and productive. Leapfrog has been providing secure remote access for clients for more than 20 years — it’s core to our service offering. We’re glad to share our advice for both managers and technology end-users. We hope you find it useful and that you and your loved ones remain healthy.

5 Key Areas of Teleworking:

Overviews, Examples, and Do’s and Don’ts

COVID-19 posts from our blog

3 Reasons Every Company Should Be Using Single Sign-on

How many platforms and apps do your employees use? User credentials are portals into your network, and compromised credentials are the main source of breach origination.

Phishing Scams Are Skyrocketing – What To Do

Phishing is up as much as 667% during the coronavirus crisis. Scams run the gamut from offering help with receiving government payments to selling protective gear, tests, and cures. Don’t fall for them — here’s what to look for.

MFA During COVID-19: Eight Ways To Be More Secure

There’s never a good time to get breached, hacked, or scammed, but now would be especially bad. Verify the identity of anyone attempting to access your network or data by following these identity management recommendations.

Want to Conference Call or Collaborate In a Hurry? Try Teams or Hangouts

In a pinch, you can use apps you probably already have to IM, make calls, and collaborate on documents while working at home. While often forgotten, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts can be easy and effective.

Can’t Find New Computers? Consider VDI During Supply Chain Disruption

There’s a good workaround for organizations that need new computers during the COVID-19 crisis but can’t find them. Rent VDI, a desktop-as-a-service solution, instead of buying computers that won’t meet your needs later.

Additional Information from our Blog and Partners

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Kaspersky: Coronavirus as a hook (new phishing scams)
Cisco: Navigating supply chain disruptions for agile retail (for the retail and hospitality industries)
Varonis: COVID-19 Threat Update #1 (video about phishing, VPNs and monitoring)
SecureWorks: Maintaining Cybersecurity in the Face of COVID-19-driven Organizational Change (best practices and contingency planning)
Microsoft: Delivering information and eliminating bottlenecks with CDC’s COVID-19 assessment bot (for the healthcare industry)

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