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Managed Security And Compliance: Protecting You While Keeping You Productive

Gone are the days when IT security was an afterthought. Today, protecting your IT ecosystem from the growing number of evolving threats — external, internal, automated, socially engineered, phished — is core to running a business. It’s a cyber jungle out there and you do not want to be the low-hanging fruit.

And while there is no such thing as 100% secure, there is definitely such a thing as more secure. To determine if your business is secure, ask:

  • Are you following an established set of standards?
  • Have you performed a risk analysis and fixed or insured critical gaps?
  • Are you effectively maintaining what you’ve built?
Leapfrog’s managed IT security and compliance services focus on protecting your company from as much risk as possible while still keeping your business productive. This includes guarding against internal and external threats, complying with regulations, planning ahead for emergencies, and helping your company recover if something does happen.
Leapfrog Managed IT Security and Compliance can include these services:

  • Cybersecurity: Continual protection of your network, computers, programs and data against external threats, attacks and unauthorized access (i.e., hackers)
  • Data & Network Security: Concise controls over your daily network operations and permissions to guard against all types of internal threats, including mistakes
  • Business Continuity Planning: Deep IT perspective for helping your team develop a comprehensive plan to stay in business during and after disasters
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: Analysis, advice and development of a real-life action plan that’s that has tailored your company’s exact needs
  • Disaster Recovery Execution: Fast, hands-on, expertly managed IT recovery to get your company operational again after any kind of an emergency
  • Compliance: Forward-thinking partnership to meet your industry’s compliance standards, including audits — we are SSAE-16, Type II, SOC-2 compliant

Being IT secure and complying with best practices is a frame of mind

Security is an ongoing, proactive effort, not something you check off your list or revisit once a year. Like an athlete in constant training. Our IT clients appreciate that Leapfrog’s cybersecurity experts and engineers — including our Department of Frogland Security pros that monitors networks 24-7-365 — are on their side helping them win.

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