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Cloud-based Disaster Recovery: Stand-alone DR and DRaaS Solutions With Near-Instant Recovery

To determine if you can recover quickly from a disaster, ask:

  • Is your DR solution ransomware resistant?
  • Have you tested your DR plan to see if it meets your most recent RPO/RTO?
  • Do you have an offsite team to help during a disaster so your local team can focus on their own safety?

Leapfrog Services offers cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) as a standalone service to clients of every size, including enterprises.

Advancements in cloud and replication technology — including network transparency, rerouting ease and better tools — make DR and disaster recovery as a service provider (DRaaS) and an excellent option for companies that struggle to stay on top of their DR or don’t want to pay to maintain a secondary site.

No matter how complex your IT environment or what kind of disaster is thrown at your IT, Leapfrog’s cloud-based DR solutions ensure your applications and data will be available to your team — without the expense of a secondary site.

Us frogs live and breathe DR so you don’t have to

DR planning, management, and execution are core Leapfrog capabilities. We’ve been providing cloud-based DR solutions since 2003 and offsite DR replication solutions since our inception in 1998. Our team has performed hundreds of successful recoveries — thousands if you count the little ones.

With cloud-based DR from Leapfrog you get:

  • Ransomware-resistant DR environments — we use only Tier 3+ facilities
  • Recovery of your normal operations in minutes (or faster)
  • Predictable operating expenses
  • Streamlined functionality, from configuration to testing to recovery
  • Evidence-based DR management that simplifies compliance testing and reporting
  • DR monitoring 24/7/365
  • As much or as little day-to-day DR management and execution as your IT department requires
  • A happier internal IT staff — DR is under control so they can focus on other things
The cloud-based DR solution that our team designs for your organization will meet or exceed your RPO/RTO targets and any other business-directed recoverability requirements you have. Our solutions fall into two main buckets, the HopperTM and DRaaS.


Hopper is ideal for organizations with straightforward IT. We started offering it in 2003 when cloud-based DR first became a good alternative to tape. Hopper replicates backups to the public cloud, uses network attached storage (NAS) technology to perform data backup at the block level, and captures incremental backups after the base image is captured. It includes an on-site and offsite backup.

DRaaS providers

DRaaS is a more robust offering that can be a combination of different solutions depending on your business objectives. It’s fully integrated with a private-cloud recovery environment — your own, Leapfrog’s or a third party private cloud — and provides secure asynchronous replication, failover, and failback. Pricing is driven by the number of platforms protected and the amount of storage being used. You also get a DR interface so you can manage and execute recoveries in-house.

In the end, your DR solution is only as good as its execution

After a major disaster, you’ll need all the help you can get — it’s all hands on deck! If you don’t have enough hands, or hands with the right kind of experience, Leapfrog can execute your DR plan if you’re managed service client. For clients with standalone DR, our experts work closely with the team that manages your infrastructure to make sure your backup delivers as planned.

To ensure that you have IT and data availability whenever you need it, you can count on Leapfrog’s DR experts.

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