Custom-designed IT Solutions. Brilliantly Mapped To Your Business. It’s How We Hop.

It could be a relatively simple network refresh, or plotting a laser-focused disaster recovery plan for your business. Launching one critical application securely, or designing a mobile security platform that works for all your users, devices and endpoints without violating sticky compliance standards.

Whatever the challenge, if it’s transformative IT you need, our solutions architects can get you there.

You can outsource one discrete project, or a complex hit list of interconnected deployments. Whether you’re a new customer just coming on board with us, or you simply want a second opinion on a supremely taxing IT overhaul or complex business target in your sights, Solutions Design is the first stop and the right place to start. Here’s why:

At Leapfrog, we aren’t like most integrators and resellers out there.

We’re different, because we —

Audit and prioritize your key business challenges first — before proposing or confirming solutions
We believe your unique situation should drive the scope and complexity of the IT solutions you adopt. We analyze the economic drivers, operational requirements, and security and compliance risks influencing your decision and help you define your true priorities. With most VARS, there’s no front-end consulting involved. They design a technology solution based on what you think you need, without confirming whether it fits the true geography of your IT infrastructure or business goals.

Validate our opinions (and yours) with real world data on what works and what doesn’t
VARS typically have big investments in the vendors they represent, while our only allegiance is to high-performance technologies that work for us and the hundreds of customers we serve. Our Solutions Task Force is constantly vetting new technologies, which we then configure and test in a challenging array of industry settings. Any recommendations we make are based on a large and reliable set of real world data and the results of your individual audit. If we aren’t satisfied with the available options, we’ll even build what you need. Together, we can design a blueprint for free-flowing IT, based on proven technologies and informed choices.

Design your project like we own it (because, in a sense, we do)
Most IT integrators and resellers just do installations. They don’t maintain what they install down the road. At Leapfrog, as a provider of Managed IT Services, we’re caretakers of your entire IT ecosystem, and it’s on us to monitor and support whatever we design for you. So high performance is as important to us as it is to you!

It’s not just that any problems are ours. We’ve staked our reputation on providing highly reliable business (not technology) solutions. Every system, application, process, or partner we choose has to support that. We design for keeps.