Power Up Your Browser: 7 Great Extensions For Chrome (Plus Firefox and Safari)

October 2014: If you haven’t thought about how much you totally love your web browser lately, maybe it’s time to spice up your relationship by adding some new extensions.

Extensions add features and functionality. You can block web ads, build shopping lists, tag articles, navigate from pop-ups — these are just a few examples. There are literally hundreds more. Here are seven of our favorites because they work great, save time and cost you nothing.

1.  Adblock. Stop ads from appearing on web pages (really). Other versions of this popular extension include different features, too. Chrome, Firefox, Safari

2.  Social Fixer for Facebook. Customize Facebook’s appearance and save time by marking News Feed posts as “read” once you’ve seen them. Chrome, Firefox

3.  DoNotTrackMe. Block more than 600 different tracking companies from collecting data on the pages, articles, videos and other content you consume. Chrome, Firefox, Safari

4.  Pocket. Save and tag web pages and articles directly into your Pocket account. Chrome, Firefox, Safari

5.  Evernote Web Clipper. Clip content directly to your Evernote account — either the entire article, a simplified version, a selection, a screenshot or other custom options: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

6.  Amazon Wish List. See something you like on a website? Click the extension and it will appear in your Amazon wish list. You can also add notes if you want. Chrome, Firefox, Safari

7.  Open With Photoshop. Right-click to open web images directly into Adobe Photoshop (Mac OS only). Chrome, Firefox

Want more options? Browse the extension stores and spice up your web life: Chrome Web Store, Firefox, Safari

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