Better IT Operations for Real Estate Companies

Real estate organizations partner with Leapfrog to resolve their IT challenges and improve IT performance, efficiency, and readiness.

Leapfrog’s experience in the real estate industry makes a difference. Most of the time, Leapfrog has direct practical knowledge of what will work for you, the resources you need, how long will it take to implement the improvements, and what it will cost.

The current state of your IT is simply the starting point — it’s where you want to go that’s important.

What you get with better IT operations

IT stability, availability, security, and capacity are foundational to a real estate company’s ability to transact and prosper. IT design that enables your organization to manage its systems and networks proactively rather than reactively cultivates strategic planning and decision-making. The inevitable technology challenges that arise are handled following IT best practices.

Operational advantages of IT performance include:

  • Ensures your IT is working properly and supports all users
  • Speeds login, computing functions, and application performance
  • Resolves downtime issues to keep data flowing
  • Protects against ransomware and other attacks and disasters and enables fast recovery
  • Improves company-wide productivity, professionalism, and accountability

Elegant design and fast, always-on IT ensures that business can get done. Your staff can access your network from anywhere, customers can interact with you when they need to, and transactions can process seamlessly. Your IT should not get in your way — it should empower your business to be more productive and deliver better service to all of your stakeholders.

Operational advantages of efficient transactions include:

  • Expedites interactions such as document signing, opening service tickets, and contract and payment processing
  • Facilitates processing of internal work orders more quickly and consistently
  • Reduces resolution times and potential friction with customers, vendors, and partners
  • Enables wireless transactions to work as seamlessly as wired transactions
  • Improves customer and employee satisfaction

Today’s consumers and workforce are accustomed to engaging digitally through high-functioning web portals and apps. Having IT that’s ready to support new and exciting business-driven technologies positions your organization to compete, innovate, and grow. It also motivates your teams and drives enthusiasm.

Strategic advantages of partnering with Leapfrog include:

  • The hardware, software, and capacity to imagine and test new ideas
  • Equipping agents in the field to use advanced technologies, such as the ability to prepare comps using mobile
  • Integrating advanced tools such as Google Earth imaging and mapping data, skyline analyses, and dynamic supply-chain technology for designing to cost
  • The service level you need to support advanced tools

When your IT foundation is aligned with your business strategy, you’re ready when opportunities arise. Even if an opportunity involves a complex set of requirements or a challenging timeline, you’ll have the systems, resources, and IT-partner capabilities to support your efforts.

Strategic advantages of partnering with Leapfrog include:

  • Access to experts who conduct high-level IT R&D
  • Access to the capacity and workforce you need to complete technical projects on time
  • Ability to integrate opportunity-specific analytics, data warehousing, and AI platform utilization into your systems
  • Ability to recalibrate your technology plan, including cost predictability, based on new acquisition and divestiture goals

Why real estate organizations initially seek Leapfrog’s help

While every situation is unique, these are the most common IT challenges that drive real estate organizations to talk with Leapfrog about a better approach:

  • A recent cybersecurity event has spotlighted security concerns
  • Turnover and capabilities issues on the IT team
  • Internal IT team is pulled in too many directions
  • Difficulty supporting a distributed workforce across multiple locations
  • IT lags in a deal-driven environment
  • Integrating IT for new acquisitions and on-boarding new employees
  • Concerns about leveraging IT in preparation for the predicted economic slowdown
  • Leadership is ready for a digital transformation of the business

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

Better IT operations are good for business

Leapfrog fully supports the IT environments we design — we are not a value-added reseller (VAR) that sells hardware and software. We only sell the equipment you need and that we intend to manage. Our mission is to deliver end-to-end IT operational excellence and valuable strategic advice.

Our real estate clients find that effectively managing their IT priorities allows them to shift focus away from operational issues and toward strategic IT initiatives that drive value. It’s the strategic initiatives that ultimately improve valuations and grow the bottom line.

Real Estate Company Case Study

Here’s an example of how we helped a leading, fully integrated real estate company improve its IT operations and quickly scale a new acquisition. Learn how we:

  • Standardized IT infrastructure without interfering with daily business operations
  • Implemented the latest DR solutions
  • Quickly executed IT merger responsibilities for a newly acquired property, including new-employee on-boarding

IT Operational Improvements Case Study
From other real estate clients:

“As a long-term client of Leapfrog Services, I continue to be impressed with the high level of services provided by their team. Leapfrog delivers on their promises, is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and proactive to our changing needs. We don’t worry about our IT anymore, which is both a relief and a business asset.”
~ CFO, Atlanta-based Real Estate Development Company

“Leapfrog helps us think through things we have not thought through. They do more than keep our network up or prevent our computers from crashing. They are not just a vendor, they are our business partner. We can bring a business challenge to them and they bring a fresh perspective and fresh eyes in helping us leverage technology to address the problem and come up with innovative solutions. We work together as one single team.”

Better IT represented on the Real Estate Operational Maturity Scale

The IT maturity scale is a useful framework for determining how well your IT supports your business. A higher level of operational maturity enables employees to be more productive, access better information faster, and make more informed decisions more quickly.

Operational Maturity Scale

There’s a high correlation between a real estate organization’s strategic use of IT to its business success. The more mature the IT operations, the more IT drives profitability.

Leapfrog helps real estate organizations progress along this maturity scale. We’ve also compiled benchmarking data from our real estate clients to help new clients understand where they sit on the scale in comparison.

Taking the next step toward better IT operations

Whether your IT issues are major or not, partnering with an expert who has more than 20 years of experience helping companies achieve higher levels of IT service gives you an advantage. Well-managed IT is the backbone of successful real estate companies.

To begin a conversation, contact us at or 404-870-2122, or send us a quick note below and we’ll contact you.

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