Brilliant service delivery starts with brilliant IT delivery, courtesy of Leapfrog!

From design and marketing to logistics, staffing or facility management, you provide the outsourced, consulting, or a la carte services that keep businesses happily hopping along. But brilliant business service delivery depends on brilliant IT delivery – an increasingly complex feat in a world of cloud, mobile and other fast-changing digital technologies. Upgrading and scaling IT assets as needed is often a costly and time-consuming proposition.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

Or is it? Enter Leapfrog, and our customer-centric value proposition: as your Managed IT provider, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you, managing – even optimizing – your entire IT ecosystem and all the networks, servers, data, storage, apps and endpoints that go into it. We provide the “service alignment” and broad-spectrum support 24/7 to ensure you get smooth-running IT day in and day out. That means you (and your IT department) can focus on key growth initiatives or innovative customer solutions – instead of endless upgrades, downtime, compliance snafus, security breaches, or other IT entanglements. With Leapfrog, these issues are smoothly managed, or eliminated entirely!

As your Managed IT partner, we offer –

Fully optimized IT
Through preventive maintenance and proactive management, we optimize the stability and reliability of your entire IT ecosystem. Our unified approach considers your infrastructure requirements, application needs, mobile devices, the security and integrity of your data, and any compliance constraints.

Responsive support
Our high-resolution IT Support Center is available 24/7/365, and we dispatch field services staff when needed. Our live call answer rate is virtually unmatched with 95% of all calls answered in under 60 seconds.

Constant vigilance
We constantly monitor and manage your IT infrastructure for maximum uptime. If systems go offline, we’ll know immediately and start remediation on your behalf. Through routine diagnostics we can often detect and pre-empt a major event before it even happens.

Strategic business continuity
We offer a range of disaster recovery solutions, including private and hybrid cloud platforms that are secure, reliable, redundant and highly available. And with Leapfrog data centers in Georgia and Texas, you get broad business continuity coverage in the event of a local disaster.

Strong security protections
Our network firewalls, anti-intrusion systems, end-to-end data encryption, and user permissions reduce your exposure to security breaches or internal theft and help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Compliance and audit support
Leapfrog IT services clear the highest bar for reporting and controls related to IT availability, security, reliability, privacy and confidentiality. We provide all the detail (and support) needed whenever audits happen.

Mobile security
From BYOD policies to full mobile security platforms, we can help evaluate, migrate and support your mobile operations. Making it easier to engage your staff (and their devices of choice) and better connect with clients without compromising data security or compliance.

Predictable costs
With Leapfrog you get the benefit of standardized processes, more efficient and scalable platforms, and predictable costs. We even manage your IT vendors proactively to optimize performance and reduce costs.

Deep intelligence and analytics
We provide deep insights into your IT environment so you can plan and focus your buying decisions, aligning IT investments to business goals. We support our assessments with regular KPI report cards for complete accountability and transparency. We show you the data!

On-demand IT skill sets
Our Solutions Task Force rigorously vets any technology we recommend. So expertise is built-in. But we also have IT experts from across the tech spectrum available on demand. Including solutions architects and engineers who do major integrations, IT upgrades and new tech deployments all day long.

Proven service delivery
We’ve proven ourselves across multi-office and highly mobile environments and can support your IT department or act as your One Source Solution for all things IT.

Either way, you get secure, reliable, user-enabling IT that works. So you can focus on winning business contracts, retaining clients, attracting top talent, and simply doing more of what you do best.