Megan Swany

Human Resources Director

Megan is the Human Resources Director at Leapfrog. Megan is responsible for all human resource initiatives, specifically in the areas of talent management, employee benefits, training, development, and coaching. She serves as an advocate for both employees and the business, constantly balancing the needs of both to ensure that employees receive the required support from their employer and the business has employees who are focused on success.

Megan’s passion for Human Resources comes from the fact that every day always presents a new challenge with an opportunity for either helping someone or learning something new. Prior to joining Leapfrog in 2015, Megan was the Director of Administration for a global legal IT firm with more than 500 employees. She was responsible for all of HR, marketing, finance and facilities. She was one of the key members in opening the first overseas office.

Megan holds bachelor’s degrees in Sociology & Chemistry from Georgia State University. She also has her Project Management Professional Certification (PMP).

In her personal time, Megan can be found traveling around the world with her family or rescuing cats. There are always spare cans of cat food in her car in case a stray cat crosses her path.

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