Why Usernames Are Important and How to Choose Good Ones

(UPDATED) How much time do you spend choosing a username when setting up an account? Maybe two seconds? If you’re like most of us, you probably use your name, email address, or an old standby then hop along with your day. But those usernames act as a calling card to your real identity. Here’s why …

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Smartphone Acting Weird? 6 Signs You May Be Hacked

(UPDATED): If your smartphone is acting weird, something is up. Is it a glitch that will go away when you turn your phone off and on again? Or could it be hacked? Since smartphones can be hacked just like computers, odd changes in phone behavior that continue after you’ve turned it off and on again …

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Am I Secure Online? Take the Quiz and Find Out

With all the talk about cybersecurity these days, you may be wondering what small changes you can make to be more secure, and if those changes will really make a difference. With so many threats out there, is it worth even trying? It’s absolutely worth trying! Leapfrog has seen time and again how a few …

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