7 Things You Can Do With Internet That’s 100 Times Faster

Updated for April 2017 (Originally posted March 2015): Fiber-optics is the fastest way to get your Internet and TV — it blows the bits off of cable and DSL. You used to only find it in big-city, high-density office buildings but not anymore. Little by little, fiber is coming to neighborhoods across the US. Google was first (it calls its service areas “fiberhoods”); Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink and other internet providers now offer it too.

What can you do with speeds 75-100 times faster than cable? Here’s a taste:

1. Forget what it’s like to wait
Your computer will work as fast as you think. Or faster. Click a link and the page opens instantly. Research in a snap. Download an HD movie in a few seconds. Upload 1,000 vacation pictures before the commercial is even over.

2. Fall totally in love with cloud apps
Your cloud-based apps will fly. And you will be able to count on ever-improving apps that are more robust and more visually creative and intense because load time will not be an issue.
And websites that used to take forever to open and navigate? Not anymore.

3. Talk and game glitch-free
When it comes to Facetime and Skype, the faster your internet the more natural the conversations — who wants time lags? Same goes for multiplayer games.

4. Stop waiting for clunky websites
Even websites with huge images (and lots of them) will load fast.

5. Backup to the cloud in a blink
Do you need to grab your laptop and run but want to backup first? Even if you have a ton of videos to send to the cloud, it will only take a fraction of the time it used to take.

6. Enjoy your fancy new router
Your current router won’t cut it. You’ll need a super-duper router. Not surprisingly, Google and other fiber providers will sell you one.

7. Beautiful HD without artifacts
Go ahead and stream in the highest possible HD quality. You’ll see gorgeous moving images on your screen without delays or packet loss.

In a few years you’ll also be able to skip class and watch live 3D lectures instead. Education is one of the industries most excited about fiber. So is the medical industry. Before too long you may be able to visit the doctor online by sending 3D imagery instead of dragging your sick self out to the (germy) doctor’s office.

How fast is your current internet speed? Check it at speedtest.net at different times of the day to see when it’s the fastest and slowest. Then check our post on internet speed to see how much speed you really need. Ready to change providers? Visit Broadband Now to find the latest information on providers in your area. Cities that have fiber available also have more competition so non-fiber providers are really upping their game — prices have come down and speeds have gone up. Who isn’t happier with better value and service?

Faster internet for business can translate into actual dollars — employees are more productive when they don’t have to wait. If you’re interested in fast internet for your business, Leapfrog has a pond full of knowledge to share. We help clients get the best internet speeds and develop alternate solutions in case one system goes down. And if a client is getting internet slower than what was promised, we work the with internet provider to make sure they deliver.

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