Insider Secrets For Your Mobile Device: 6 Places To Find The Best Tips

July 2015: How do you find the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your specific mobile device? Here are six ways to find fun, reliable, time-saving and insider-worthy hacks for your smartphone or tablet:

1. Use a tips app. Save time by swiping through tips right from an app. Drippler for Android and Drippler for iOS are super popular and constantly deliver new tips  (click “skip” if you don’t want to sign in with Facebook). iOS 8 comes with a Tips app that’s updated every week (you can’t delete it even if you want to) and Windows phone has an official Tips apps, too.

2. Search top tech magazines and blogs. Stick with high-authority sites that have stood the test of time. Use the following links or navigate to the “How-To” sections from the website home page. Android only: Computerworld, Tom’s Guide, AndroidPit, Android Central. iOS only: MacWorld, MacLife, AppleInsider, MacRumors iOS blog. Android and iOS: CNET, TechCrunch, PC Mag and PC World.

3. Watch tips in action. Would you rather watch a demonstration? CNET, TechCrunch, MacWorld and Android Central all have YouTube channels. Or just search for your specific device, operating system or topic, and filter the results by most recent, most viewed, rating or whatever is most important to you.

4. Subscribe, like and follow. Forget the searching. Let the tips come to you. Once you find a few sources you like and trust, subscribe to their YouTube channel, Like them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

5. Google’s results page. Google has become more than a search engine — it’s an answer engine. Sometimes you don’t even have to click another link. Try typing in an entire question and you might get the answer straight up. For example, try turn off notifications on iPhone and save battery life on Samsung Galaxy s5.

6. Tips pages from your device’s manufacturer. These are different from the manuals — you want tips, not tranquilizers! Check out: Google: Android, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iOS iPhone, iOS iPad, iOS Accessibility, Samsung devices, Windows Phone, Motorola.

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