Managed IT Solutions and Services Norcross, Ga

Look no further — you’ve found the IT talent you need! Partnering with Leapfrog lets you fill IT gaps and get the most out of your technology.

Leapfrog Services was born in 1998 right near Norcross and is proud to attract, train and retain the area’s best IT talent. Take a look at partnering with Leapfrog if:

You’re having trouble staffing and maintaining your IT department

Norcross is hot — literally and figuratively. Our metro area has tons of growing businesses, including some of the world’s largest. So if you’re struggling to staff your IT team with highly skilled employees who will to stick around for a while, you’re not alone. Leapfrog is able to draw the area’s best IT talent because of our reputation, our ability to offer challenging and varied work projects, and our tried-and-true processes for recruiting, training and developing careers. And because we offer such a great place to work — we make IT fun!

You want an IT team that LIKES to solve problems

If your IT support team seems annoyed by your requests, you’ve got the wrong support team! With Leapfrog, solving IT problems is why we get up in the morning. A live analyst (usually an engineer — seriously) will pick up the phone and that same person will resolve your problem right then and there in the vast majority of cases. If your issue needs more research or escalation, our methodology assures the most efficient problem-solving process possible. There’s no such thing as a problem falling through the cracks because customer service is part of our DNA. It’s what we believe, it’s in our training, and it’s in the smile that you can hear over the phone even though you can’t see it.

You want rockstars on your IT team

IT problems are business problems so you want experts who really know what they’re doing. That’s what you get with Leapfrog:

  • Access to the exact set of skills you need for every IT issue that may come up
  • A team that’s deep, wide, specialized and ready to hop to your assistance — no long waits
  • Massive brainpower at your beck and call … even the most difficult projects are no problem

You want to establish a relationship with local IT experts

It’s a lot easier to find IT resellers in Norcross than IT partners. As a Leapfrog client, you’ll have a dedicated client services manager who is not a salesperson. Instead, your manager helps you solve business problems by leveraging your IT and keeping you on the curve (or ahead of it) so you can continually respond, innovate, test and grow. When we optimize your company’s IT, we do it to support your business success, not to sell you more stuff.

Our client retention rate? It’s 90% after nearly 20 years in business.

Leapfrog partners with you to manage any part of your technology — or all of it. We design, advise, inform and stand by your side. And we’ve been doing it since 1998 so we’re the grown-ups on the block. Check out how we work with clients and who we work with most often: